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 投稿者:佐藤みどり  投稿日:2018年 3月18日(日)13時01分44秒
  通報 返信・引用
  スイスの古い友人からメールをもらいました。パレスチナ西岸の壁沿いのマラソンに参加するそうです。応援する気持ちのある人は是非自分の写真を撮って送って欲しいとのこと。次の金曜日カメラを持っていきますから彼女に頑張って欲しいと思う方は私と一緒に写真に入ってください。以下、メールです。写真はChristineと双子の妹の Sibylleです。

Dear friends and family members all over the world

Next Friday I will run 42km together with my friend Irène. The circumstances will be quite special as we will not run at home but in the Westbank/Palestine and we will run along the separation wall for freedom of movement and human rights.
Our friends and families here in Switzerland have been giving us a lot of encouragement during the last weeks and months and are also sponsoring us very generously, as we thought to combine the running with collecting funds for a small hospital in the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon - the camp exists since 1948 and the people there are not only in need of proper medical care but also need our attention and signs of solidarity to show them that they are not forgotten by the rest of the world!

There is also another part of the project and that's where you come in :-)
I ask you to move as well for freedom - do what you like most: swim, jump, walk, cycle, dance.... and make a selfie these days and send it to me:
0041 79 677 22 68. Tell your friends and kids and uncles as well to join!
I will print your greetings on a sheet and show the people there and here. It's enormously important and it will make us very happy and encourage us to run faster, better, louder!

Thank you very much in advance!! You are the best!

Take care, hope to see you soon!
Best regards

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