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 投稿者:MEGメール  投稿日:2009年10月22日(木)18時13分8秒
  通報 返信・引用
  Good afternoon。I was fine, and arrived at Osaka international airport in the delay for one hour.
The moment it reached, a pork cutlet was eaten.
It took care of various Indian containing.
The figure that you lived very hard every day was seen, and it cheered up very much.
It was the best for buying things and visiting it for study variously, too, 【 as well 】 seeing the figure living in your vigor though it was good to buy things and to visit it for study variously, too.
I am fine, too, and live very hard, and go.
Thank you for ANIL&RITA!
Thank you for ANIL&RITA!
Give the best regards to the children.

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